Top 10 Must-Have Oil Cartridge Vaporizers

Nov 30, 2022by Julianne Bautista

Ever struggled with an oil cartridge vaporizer and that isn't as powerful as you thought? Well, Exxus is here to help you solve that problem with a variety of 510-thread oil cartridge vaporizers great for portability and long lasting battery life. Here are top 10 best selling oil cartridge vapes that will save every drop of your oils:

1. Snap VV

The Exxus Snap VV is the perfect oil cartridge vaporizer for portable uses. Utilizing a magnetic 510-thread attachment, this device features 4 voltage settings (3.4V-4.0V), LED indicator light, and a fast preheat functionality. Great for quick on-the go sessions, the Snap VV is your best bet for the smoothest hit of your favorite cartridges.

2. MiNovo

If you love having vapes as your hand accessory, then the MiNovo. The MiNovo is available in 5 different designs and colors, including Unicorn and Gold Cobra. Powered by a 479mAh battery, the MiNovo features a 510-thread connection, auto-draw functionality, and 4 voltage settings (3.4V-4.0V). Carry the MiNovo for standing out at any session.

3. Snap VV Mini

If you love the Snap VV, well you’ll absolutely love its little sibling, the Snap VV Mini! Known as one of the best Exxus devices to take with you discreetly, the VV Mini features 4 voltage settings (3.4V-4.0V), 10-second preheat mode, and an LED light indicator. The VV Mini is 2 inches tall, includes a magnetic 510-thread, and allows hand-free operation. Get yours today and stay in trend!

4. Slim Auto Draw

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use vaporizer for using oils, then the Slim Auto Draw is the vape for your liking! Powered by a 280mAh rechargeable battery, this device simply activates through a single puff. This pen-style vape is available in 11 colors, including Gunmetal, Rose Gold, and Full Color.

5. Twistr

A great fit for every palm! The Exxus Twistr is a pen-style vaporizer that features an easy-to-use twistable voltage adjustment (2.0V-4.2V), preheat functionality, and a 510 connection for universal threading. The Twistr includes a single-button power and USB cable for fast charging capabilities. Just give it a little twist and puff cheerios from your favorite oils.

6. Plus VV

Exxus is known for their powerful pen-style vaporizers, and the Plus VV is one of them! The Plis VV features a rechargeable 380mAh battery, a variable voltage setting (2.6V-4.0V), and a preheat functionality. Employed by a single-button power, this device is made from high quality materials, making it great for long lasting wear & tear and portable uses.

7. Snap

Love a quick and easy snappable vape? The Exxus Snap features a high-rate discharge lithium-ion battery, 3 voltage settings (3.4V-4.0V), and accommodates larger cartomizers. Employed by a magnetic 510-thread connection, this device activates with a 15-second cycle and includes an LED light for indicating temperature range.

8. Slim VV

Looking for a vaporizer that is quick and heats up your oils as fast as can be? Fear no more! The Slim VV vaporizer will solve your issue in seconds. The Slim VV features variable voltage settings (2.6V-4.0V), preheat mode, and an LED indicator light. This easy-to-use vape has a single-button power that is also used for direct draws. Grab the Slim VV for your ongoing sessions and enjoy your favorite oil cartridge.

9. Push

The Exxus Push incorporates a tank hole of 11.5mm and employs an 80mm retractable cable for quick charging. Powered by a 500mAh battery, the Push utilizes an output wattage of 15W and features 4 voltage settings (2.8V-4.2V). This device includes preheating functionality and a magnetic 510-thread attachment. Make sure to flaunt this unique device at every session!

10. 1600

You’re in for a strong puff and indescribable amount of power with the 1600 Cartridge Vaporizer! Powered by a 1600mAh battery, this device features adjustable voltage settings and a USB cable for fast charging capabilities. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that is great for a long lasting ride, then the 1600 is the best choice. With such a large amount of battery life, the 1600 is suitable for the most vaporous hits.


Vaping oil cartridges doesn’t always have to be such a hassle! With vaporizers like the Snap VV, Push, 1600, and many more, your oil cartridge sessions will be as powerful as ever. Try one of Exxus’ mighty vapes and experience the smoothest hits of your oils!