Tips and Tricks For A Clogged Cartridge

Feb 8, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Tips and Tricks For a Clogged Cartridge with Exxus Snap VVSometimes our favorite oil cartridges are so potent that as we inhale, its materials get stuck through its mouthpiece. This is inevitable—whether we like it or not! It's likely common for oil materials to get stuck in the mouthpiece or become clogged. Oil extracts are thick and sticky, causing sudden jam during inhalation. However, there are ways to prevent it from constantly happening. Here are easy steps to fixing a clogged oil cartridge mouthpiece:

Discard Excess Liquid

First, try to remove all excess liquid from your mouthpiece, as this clears the cart entirely. It is advised to use a slim piece of wire or a paperclip to clean the cartridge properly. Insert the thin tool into the mouthpiece and brush away sticky, messy residues.

Note: Use the paperclip or wire for cartridges only, do not use it with your vaporizing device.

Inhale and Pull Through The Mouthpiece

Another trick to unclog your cartridge is to pull or draw on it as hard as you can. Try to do this when your vaporizer is already warmed up, so the oils can soften and easily loosen up.


Maintaining your cartridge can be difficult, but with these two easy steps, you’ll proceed to your sessions in no time. To check out our oil cartridge vaporizers, visit!