Four Vape Tips on Troubleshooting

Feb 1, 2023by Julianne Bautista

4 Vape Tips on TroubleshootingAll we want is a smooth puff from our vapes, but when your device unexpectedly stops working, it can be frustrating. Unfortunately, troubleshooting is inevitable during vape sessions. It is a nuisance when you prepare for a mindful session and experience an issue from your draw. However, before you purchase a new vape, Exxus would like to provide solutions that will guide you through troubleshooting. Here are four tips on what to do if your vaporizer is presenting an improper action:

If Your Vape Blinks Red

When you see your vaporizer rapidly blinking red, this can mean that it’s time for you to recharge your battery. Charging with the proper voltage designed for your vape battery is an important task to keep in mind. Using the improper voltage to charge can cause damage to your vape battery!

Tip: Try using the original cable that your vape came with to prevent unexpected charging issues.

If Your Vape Blinks White

When you notice your vaporizer blinking white, this can mean that your device is not fully connected. A loose battery disrupts the flow of electricity, which prevents your vape from fully charging.

Tip: If your device has debris or oil on the exterior, try to clean the connection port with alcohol and a dab swab. Make sure everything is dry before plugging in your device to output.

If Your Vape Pen Is Overheating

It can be stressful when you notice your vaporizer is overheating. Be cautious and do not use your device when it is hot, as this can damage the components of the vaporizer. Many electronic devices, like vaporizers, can overheat easily and fast! It’s essential never to leave your device near heat, and make sure to avoid too much exposure to direct sunlight as this loses the potency of your oils and harms your device.

Tip: After a few puffs from your vape, let it cool down between sessions.

Never Overtighten Your Vape

Make sure your vaporizers aren’t too loose, and they aren’t too tight, either! When attaching your 510-thread cartridge to your vaporizer, it is essential never to overtighten its part together. This sort of action can regulate airflow or damage the connection ends. It is recommended to twist the cartridge until it is firmly in place, but never to the point where it is difficult to untwist.

Tip: If you are having trouble getting airflow, try unscrewing it and reconnecting it with a looser grip.


Improve your sessions with our Exxus troubleshooting tips! By sticking to this advice, you may never encounter any trouble—your vapes need care and safekeeping. To make the best of your vaporizing experience, check out our oil cartridge vapes at!