4 Ways to Extend Your Vape’s Battery Life

Dec 14, 2022by Julianne Bautista

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Conserve energy! If you own a vape that loses its battery life in a blink of an eye, then think of the possible ways you can prevent it from happening again. The reason behind draining your vape’s battery is that, unlike remote control batteries, the amount of energy required for operating your vape device is higher than usual. The battery needs to provide enough power and energy to get materials inside to warm up, which means the battery is being used at an intense rate. From keeping your device clean to avoiding overcharges, there are a few ways you can try to lower the chance of draining your vape’s lifespan. Here are 4 ways to keep your vape’s battery life long-lasting:

Turn off your device when you are not using it

Let’s state the obvious! When you are not using your vape, then simply turn it off to save battery life. You may have thought that even if you are not using your device, then power is not being used; however, having it turned on will continually discharge your battery’s power.

Tip: Try to get into the habit of turning it off when you know that you are finished using it in the meantime.

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Avoid overcharging your device

If you’re the type of person who leaves your device plugged in overnight, you are not alone. It can be a hassle to leave a device charging overnight–it’s just so easy to forget about! Charging your battery fully and allowing it to continue charging for hours more can damage the device itself.

Tip: Your best bet is to charge your battery to 80% only.

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Don’t drain your battery

You may think that it is best to use up your entire battery until it’s time to charge. However, waiting until your device reaches 0% damages your device in the long run. This reduces the cycle of the battery, which causes it to drain faster than usual.

Tip: You should always have a small amount of charge left when you decide to recharge it. Try to charge your device at the range of 20- 25 % to start charging.

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Keep your vape clean

It’s very easy to keep your device dirty, mostly if you use it every day. Imagine this, you carry your phone everywhere you go—outdoor events, restrooms, etc. If you carry your vape with you at all times, there can be some sort of spillage or any issue that may harm a device.

For example, if you have spilled any material on your device, then it will need regular cleaning. A dirty device can perform weaker, forcing the battery to work harder to utilize enough power. Keep your vapes clean, and you’ll notice a change in the delivery and lifespan.

Tip: Keep disinfectant wipes with you! Try Got Vape Disinfectant Wipes 100pk!


We don’t really think of our vaporizer’s battery life during our sessions, but making slight changes to its battery life leads to keeping your device last longer than usual. Follow these easy steps to enjoy your sessions on a lengthier level.